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  • Teide - Good information book about 2012 and mayan ceremonies

    The book has got much information about the Mayans and their supposed practical ceremonies that you can do at home.Sometimes it gets a bit complicated with much Mayan stuff you can not prove to be right either, but at least he is Mexican and seem to know what is he talking about.I still miss the authenticity of those old mexican mayan shamans out from the American workshops circuits to talk about this but we all know we won't find this in amazon.

  • Wolfie - It's okay but not a miracle worker

    I have been using this product for about 4 weeks and it does help a little bit but don't expect miracles. What it did do for me was lessen the thickening and brittleness of the nail so that I can at least trim it. Anyone with a nail fungal problem knows that the thickening is what makes it difficult to cut. So I will give the product credit for that. However, if you are expecting the nail fungus to disappear, you might be disappointed. If you haven't had a fungal problem for very long, maybe it will help you. Because I've had the fungal problem on one nail for over 25 years, I don't fault the product for not completely working. I bought it knowing it would help a little but it's going to take something more than a topical treatment (laser treatment possibly) to get totally rid of my nail problem. Bottom line is maybe the product is a 5 star for someone who doesn't have a severe fungal infection and it has been a recent problem.

  • ESL Teacher - There's No Tech Support

    There's no Tech Support available. The number I was given when I bought the system in May last year was 1-877-673-1161. When I call that number now, the automated system still identifies itself as Vipre Tech Support, but I am put on hold listening to music for several minutes. Then after that, even the music stops. No one ever answers. I also clicked the "Chat with Support" link and tried to get Chat support, but after waiting 3 minutes, the message came up "Our apologies, all our agents are busy chatting right now." This happened twice with the phone number and twice with the Chat link. So don't believe it when they allege that they provide Tech Support.