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  • Buck39 - Excellent

    With previous versions of Webroot I would always be annoyed when it would do a scan. With Webroot Secure Anywhere I am very pleased with my purchase. It easily hides in the background and doesn't interrupt me while I am using my computer. I really never know it is there. I am a computer builder and I occasionally upgrade my own. The online interface easily allows me to remove computers from my 3 computer protection plan, and replace my updated computer. I was very pleased, because with my previous version of Secure Anywhere Antivirus, Webroot contacted me and I got a free upgrade to the Complete version! I would love to purchase the Complete version, it just isn't in my price range at the very moment. Overall this product earns 5 stars and an A+! Excellent product!

  • Used Crayons - Looks great, works not so much

    I bought this because I don't like the wobbly antenna by 2015 Ram 1500 came with. I don't like the hassle of removing the antenna for car washes. I listen to FM radio about 15% of the time. The factory antenna has great reception, I lost all but one radio station from my driveway by swapping out to the stubby. If I find I really miss local FM I may remove this, but for now I will leave it on. Good build quality, nice simple packaging. It just doesn't work well as an antenna.

  • Kamilah S. Bryant - Machine washable

    This is a really good bath mat. It stays put in my bathtub. I don't have to worry about slipping and dying naked. I like the bath mitt that came with it. I like that it is antibacterial so I don't have to worry about mold growing on it. And that it is machine washable? That is amazing! 5 stars.

  • matt kramer - A True Netbook

    The chromebook is exactly what a netbook should have been. It is basically a cheap device that lets you surf the internet with the convenience of a keyboard....nothing more and nothing less. I actually prefer this to an ipad or any other tablet for two simple reason. 1) it is half the price of an ipad and 2) it has a physical keyboard. By no means does the device feel cheap. I would say you are getting far more quality than $250 worth. The best way to describe the keyboard would be a that of a macbook air, but slightly cheaper feeling (more plastic). The trackpad is also very good...better than 3/4 of the ones on current PC's. I am use to using a mac, so you can change the trackpad to scroll similarly by going to trackpad settings in the chrome browser and choosing "enable simple scrolling".

  • The Fifth Dentist - Get Your Life Back, Gurl!

    For the last ten years, I have been an adult woman struggling with unwanted facial hair. I am mixed race with light skin, but the hairs on my chin and throat are thick, wiry, and black. A decade ago, it was just a few hairs, but as of five years ago, it was enough that I had to switch to shaving, partly to save time, and partly to reduce the number of ingrown hairs that would result. These ingrown hairs have to be dug out in order to be removed, and have caused many blemishes. Furthermore, it's painful and embarrassing. I try to avoid well-lit places, I keep my head down even when I laugh, and I won't let myself be seen without makeup. I even tried to avoid having anyone touch my face for fear they would feel my bristly five o'clock shadow. I have despaired over this, felt helpless, powerless, and miserable over it. I have felt constantly ashamed at having to shave my face like a man. Honestly, it made me feel like less of woman and my self-esteem (never amazing to begin with) has suffered.

  • SharLia - Just BC'd my hair...and this stuff WORKS!

    I'm less than 24 hours natural (just got my relaxed ends cut today) and this is the first product I used. It is only $5.00 (yes...$5.00) at my local family dollar store (Deals) so I decided to try it since I had nothing to lose. Let me say, prior to putting this is my hair my curl definition was non existent. This stuff tightened my curl pattern, and made my hair incredibly soft, and moisturized. I can't stop touching it. I'm going to have to pick up some more, because I have never had a natural hair product work AND be so affordable. I love my natural hair but with this stuff i love it even more...TRY IT!

  • Emily Steiner - Many mistakes throughout the book

    Good practice, but there are mistakes you probably wont catch if you don't already know the material.