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Country:, Oceania, NZ

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  • Rosemary Mullin - Very repetitive all the way through. A depressing story ...

    Very repetitive all the way through. A depressing story and when getting near end it still was doom and murder. Not recommended

  • Sandy - Great Product

    This product works quite well if you use it right. Many people are having a problem getting replacement blades. They only have to call toll free 1-888-769-7676, and order 3 replacement blades for $2.99. I was told there are no shipping charges.

  • MARCHE - It works

    It works great! It cleared my nose up as advertised. I would purchase this product again in the future. Thanks!

  • PrincessSarahh - and he recommended to me when I told him I wanted to ...

    My boyfriend use to take this for energy before workouts, and he recommended to me when I told him I wanted to lose weight. This stuff gives me energy like crazy, not in a bad way at all. I feel great and really eager to get stuff done. I haven't had nearly as many cravings since I started it either (might just be because of my low carb diet, or maybe I'm just too busy doing other stuff with all my new energy??). Either way I love the stuff!

  • Laura - Very sad that this didn't work as expected

    Very sad that this didn't work as expected. I did give it several tries and watched many different videos - and was determined to make this thing do what they show in the advertisement.. I am better at one side than the other but for my hair, which already has natural waves, it straightened it out too much and the few pretty curls that I did get lasted about 30 minutes. It did fry my hair even though I was very careful not to goo too slowly or linger in one spot. I have much better luck with the 1" curling iron that I bought for $10 or even a set of hot rollers. Will try to return the TYME...

  • T. Connors - Lavender is so pleasent to go to sleep with

    Essential oils are new to me, but Lavender is one that I have used for many years. I have a CPap machine and I love to put a few drops on the filter before bedtime. It is so soothing and smells wonderful coming through my CPap nasal mask. The distilled water always has a old water smell so having this Essential Oil with the dropper makes it much easier to add the drops to my filter at night. I use the other smaller bottles I have for my essential oils diffuser. There I can add drops with out worrying about the amount as closely. This brand is so pure scented smelling and I am so happy with all the essential oils I have been collecting. I want to use this one on everything I can think of because lavender is my favorite scent. I recommend this brand for the essential oil user or anyone that loves to have the Lavender scent around. I received this item at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.