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°HOTEL YASMIN PRAGA 4* (Czechy) - od 207 € | BOOKED - Yasmin - Hotel Yasmin położony jest w samym sercu Pragi, zaledwie kilka kroków od Placu Wacława. Swoim Gościom oferuje on eleganckie i nowocześnie urządzone pokoje z klimatyzacją oraz luksusową łazienką.

  • http://yasmin-hotel-prague.booked.com.pl/#hotel-facilites-new °HOTEL YASMIN PRAGA 4* (Czechy) - od 204 € | BOOKED - Yasmin - Zaciszny 4-gwiazdkowy hotel Yasmin Hotel jest położony w samym sercu Pragi. Funkcjonujący w Pradze od 2006 hotel posiada renesansową architekturę oraz nowoczesne udogodnienia, między innymi salon koktajlowy, kasyno i dziedziniec.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • Irene Dubree - Everyone notices my whiter teeth!

    I have pretty nice teeth, but they got a little dull from tea, colas and blueberries. This whitening system really works. Yes, it's a little more pricey, but it does what it promises to do, safely and at home. No expensive dentist trip. I agree that the large tubes are difficult to manage. I prefer the smaller tubes. I will purchase again... and again... and again. Hint: use a straw when drinking soda or tea. It helps keep the stains off of your teeth in the first place.

  • Amazon Customer - Will never go back from Mechanical

    Was hesitant about switching from nice wireless Logitech to mechanical, but when I started typing on the keyboard, I was in love. Improves typing and the color effects are also. Product came in new condition and right on time!!

  • Amazon Customer - Almased Protein Powder

    I have been using this off and on since October after reading about it in an ad in a magazine. It really does work but when you think about it each 8T serving with water is only 180 cal, that's 540 cal per day if you substitute all 3 meals as recommended. Naturally you're going to lose weight. You would lose on any meal plan if that is all you ate. Your "snacks" are very low cal like veggie broth (5 cal/serving). The big draw is the amount of protein that is in the shake. It does help in keeping you satisfied for about 3 hours (in my case). The powder supposedly resets your metabolism, so that's a plus as well.

  • Average Consumer 123 - Unacceptable

    I purchased this book to see if I could take my toilet seat business international. After several showings on the "Shark Tank", Kevin O'Leary decided to sue me for getting festering splinters in his tuchas. I just don't understand it. I waxed, sanded, and polished every single one of my seats, and yet the wood grain took a disliking to his paisley buttocks. Distraught, and flabbergasted, I stormed off the set. In a fit of rage I cracked the seat in half....unknowingly creating the best invention known to man, the "halfassed seat"...Not only does it look aerodynamic, but it surprisingly cures constipation. Now, I'm no doctor, or businessman, or professional, or lawyer but this has got to be a hot commodity overseas, so I decided to sell it to the Chinese (after all, they've given us so many quality products over the years and I need to return the favor). I bought this book to see what my chances were for selling such an item...Going on the advice of what's in the book, I made the leap to sell the "halfassed" toilet seat in China. Kevin O'Leary saw what a marketable product I had, recommended that I install a clock radio, and USB charging port, and offered me $1000 for 100% of the company. Unfortunately we made this deal when I was drunk and I kept staring at his shiny head, like a deer in headlights. Now, shamed by the opportunity I missed, I work as a Wall street banker selling stocks and bonds, and IPhones on the side. I dream of the glorious life opportunity I could have had with my toilet seat.