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°HOTEL YASMIN MAKASSAR 3* (Indonesia) - from R 389 | iBOOKED - Yasmin Makassar - The excellent 3-star Yasmin Makassar Hotel offers quick access to Fort Rotterdam and Lembeh Strait. It features laundry, 24-hour reception and airport transfer as well as an elevator, a safe deposit box and free parking.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • GlennVA - Blue Devil rear main sealer Try before going through a rear main seal replacement

    I could not possibly belive that this product would work. A rear main job on my Volvo was quoted $2,500.00. I risked a few bucks to purchase this product and there is NO MORE OIL drips. This product is amazing.

  • Richard - Great patches for stiff and painful muscles

    Have been using thes patches for years. Great for my low back pain and stiff neck pain. Directions say not to leave on more than 8 hours, but have forgot that it was on, until I took a bath 24 hours later. No problem. I put one on my lower back before bed time and next morning don't have the extreme stiffness. For the price, you can't beat them. Doesn't have that strong lintament smell. More of a evergreen smell. You don't even notice it. Would highly recommend.

  • George R. Brooks - A lesson learned.

    I decided to try this product and it didn't work. I applied the cream as directed, put on the belt, and did the exercises. NO results. As a double whammy, out of the blue, they send me 2 tubes of that wonderful cream. I have no idea what to do with the stuff except throw it in the trash. I've sent them a nice message, but I doubt I'll hear from them. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!

  • Benjamin Smith Jr. - I do laugh when my wife and step son talk to him like like he a pet

    Everyone in the family likes Cozmo. I do laugh when my wife and step son talk to him like like he a pet. In the beginning they were spending hours with this toy. Not so much a week later. My step son who is 13 seems to play mostly in explorer mode where you get to drive him around using the app. I have briefly used the SDK and that seems like something I will explorer in greater detail. I using a Macbook Pro connected to iPad running the app in order to run sample python scripts. I think sparking the imagination of a teenager or perhaps someone much older in robotics or computer programming would be a good fit for this after the novelty wears off. Some have commented that it is very expensive for a toy and I would agree but not if it is used for further learning or other creative uses.

  • Rose2476 - Waste of money- so dissapointed.

    I was so excited to purchase this item, as I have tried many products. I have not a missed a day of taking the daily dose 2 tablespoons. Unfornatly I have not seen any difference in my hair growth or condition of my hair. I eat clean and drink plenty of water and have found that Biotin 5000mg is really the best way to go and a third of the price. Do not waste your money, eat healthy and lots of protein that is the key to good hair and good skin. Good luck!