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  • Yada - Juice Plus

    No problems with the seller. Product arrived timely and package intact. Juice Plus is a bit pricey but I feel so much better when adding it to my diet. I am more energetic and have sense of calmness. I do like the fact that I can purchase it without using the auto ship.

  • kps27 - Works for me!

    This stuff works. I used it on a small area of my treated-wood deck as a test, and over time the wood lightened and the mildew faded. I also use it on my white aluminum gutters and there's a definite difference. Tried it on some plastic lawn furniture and a section of my roof and it cleaned those as well. Have patience, it doesn't happen immediately but over time you will see it working. I used up this bottle and ordered another larger one.

  • JenniferH - A little bottle goes a long way!

    A little bottle goes a long way. My husband used it on 4 tire flares, front and back bumpers and side mirrors of his 2007 Jeep Wrangler. Prior to applying it looked like a faded gray almost white color, now after applying this stuff it is almost black again! I say almost though, we wanted to see how this came out and how it did in rain and over time but plan on buying another bottle to go back over it and hopefully it will make it a bit darker but overall you could see the difference immediately. It did rain yesterday and he said that the water just beaded off where it was applied!

  • california girl - anti-oil to minimize fingerprints and oils on the surface Easy to Clean Full bonding

    HIGH QUALITY TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR 0.3MM - 9H Product Features: Anti-dust surface, anti-oil to minimize fingerprints and oils on the surface Easy to Clean Full bonding, easily attaches to screen can be re attached. Fully transparent: very thin 0.3mm, chemically treated transparent tempered glass. Surface hardness: The surface is 9H, Which is equivalent to 9 times the strength of ordinary glass and is extremely resistant to key scratches. Installation Guide: Step 1 - Find a dust-free room. (bathroom) Step 2 - Use the wet wipe followed by the dry wipe to clean the surface. Step 3 - Remove the bottom protective layer and align and attach to phone. Step 4 - Removing the upper protective layer. Compatible Models: iPhone 6 4.7" / 6S 4.7'' Package Includes: 1 - Tempered Glass Screen Protector 1 - Eco-Friendly Dry Wipe 1 - Eco-Friendly Wet Wipe PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rounded design of the iPhone 6 screen and in order to enhance compatibility with most cases, the tempered glass does not cover the entire screen.

  • Scott - Excellent and durable

    I bought this backpack for my 4 day cruise. Awesome backpack. Able to carry 2 towels, camera, phone, headsets, book, money, etc... I had this thing on my back the whole time. It got the real test when we visited the Mayan Ruins in Mexico and it poured rain the whole 3 hours. It kept my phone, camera, towels, money, passports... everything that was in my backpack dry! Even the backpack itself somehow stayed dryed. I think its water repellent. I higly recommend this backpack. I will probably buy my wife her own in a different color.

  • Bookravenous - Bar's Leak held my engine together for 2 years.

    Had a 17yr old Chevy Corsica that blew a head gasket. Living in Tampa and it's my only car. I used Bar's Leak on it twice; each time it held for a year. The product helped me and my family get along until we could replace the car with something more reliable.