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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • golfgram - Great toy for the whole family!

    We bought the first 2013 Hess Truck at a Hess Express Gas Station as a Christmas gift for our grandson, aged 7. He loved it, grandpa loved it, but our granddaughter, aged 5 loved it the most! We had not thought to buy her one! So we ordered this one on Amazon for her and gave it to her for her birthday, which is right after Christmas. Now they are both happy and love to use all the back up and loading noises available on the trucks. They also love to play the online game.

  • Maryanne - More like "third response...."

    I bought these tests because most of the reviews and the manufacturer themselves claim that they are "the most sensitive on the market." I have to COMPLETELY disagree. I took this test a day before my missed period (NEGATIVE), the day of my missed period (NEGATIVE), two days after my missed period (NEGATIVE), and three days after my missed period (NEGATIVE).

  • Cheyenne Raley - This is the best product I've used so far

    This is the best product I've used so far. I couldn't believe how quickly it not only stopped the break outs on my face, but it changed my skin completely. I've never had this clear or radiant of skin. I will definitely be getting more of this!

  • cobie - Random disk problem

    Bought the game and the guitar works great but the disk didn't work. I don't know why, it looks brand new. So I just went and bought a copy at gamestop.

  • Sally Ford - you can just see how beautiful these babies look

    It's very fair to say I was looking for some really good sound but knowing I had a budget for gym I had to make sure I get something that fits the bill. I decided to go for this product due to all the reviews, personally I don't wirte reviews but I had no option this product was AMAZING!! I opened the packaging to find a very impressive looking box and once opened you can just see how beautiful these babies look. I usually love the sound of music and currently use bose headphones so finding something with similar quality for gym under 30 quid would have been impossible. As soon as I put them in my ear the noise isolation was impressive. But then I connected it to my phone which took 3 seconds and I was blown away with the sound quality it's unbelievably unexpected I was really impressed and they stay in your ears all the way through the running the jumping the calistheincs everything trust me I know a good set of headphone and these heads are amazing, second to my girlfriend

  • Pixy10 - Terrible customer support

    When I tried to activate this product, it needed to try several time, because some of activation process were denied, although I used completely new activation code and newly installed PC. I took a long time to finish. A few month later, I had to delete OS (windows vista) and did clean install the os again (I uninstall/removed kaspersky before I delete OS.) After I installed kaspersky again, my activation code was not accepted, although I had enough number of licences. I contacted to Kaspersky Lab through thier site, and sent a request. But, they replied an answer which automatically made without any clue to my question.