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  • Mom39 - Can't use

    My heart races when I use. I feel electrified. It's not pleasant. Also back when I was using it it gave me jaw pain because I have root canals. I just noticed other people say it messes with the thyroid. I think I'll pass on a neck scar and daily hormone supplements, or heart attack and jaw pain.

  • Ryan Patterson - Playing Godzilla in VR is breathtaking

    We spent the evening playing Playstation VR for the first time with our family of 6 and it was by far the best video-game experience we've ever had. Sony has done a brilliant job on this. We spent the evening just playing their demo games. You get to see what the person in the VR is experiencing on the TV in real-time. My turn was 4th and I already had many good laughs watching my children experience VR for their first time. But when I actually put on the unit and earphones I was transported into an entirely different world, so clear and vivid. I could turn my head in the least degree and everything was smooth - no glitches. I played like I was Godzilla, wrecking over skyscrapers, lashing out at helicopters --- it was a RIOT!! And at the same time, my kids played on their controllers to shoot at me and try to get me down. I had to dodge their bullets. Unbelievable!! I don't usually write reviews but this definitely deserves a good one - Nice work Sony.

  • joan wilson - Interesting book. It appears to have some solid ground ...

    Interesting book. It appears to have some solid ground as for the question "why oil pulling". I am only on day 3 but I think this new trick is going to be a winner.

  • Haydar KIR - An item that actually worked for me.

    I am not going to lie, at first I hesitated of this product. Could this really increase my focus? I had doubts.

  • J. Nelson - Error in MAC version and poor technical support

    I purchased the At Home 2012 Deluxe and installed on my Macbook Pro. Entered the data and completed the Federal taxes and then installed the Illinois state module. The Illinois state software DOUBLED MY STATE TAXES PAID so threw off my return by $2700. I checked the numbers I entered in the W2 section of the program and they were correct. I called customer service and they asked if I installed the latest Illinois version. I checked the update section and it was the most current. They offered to email me another Illinois version and said it should correct and override the existing installation. So, I opened and attempted to install from the provided link and the installer told me I had a more recent version of Illinois state tax module installed already. So, I ordered Turbo Tax today.

  • Itachi uchiha - Very good

    If you can pay the extra money than buy from here it only took 3 days to get here and box wasnt damaged at all everything is good.

  • equus924 - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff! I bought to help me get used to my Epilator. I used it twice and the pain was almost non-existent. I put it on......wrapped the area in plastic wrap and waited about 30 minutes. I then wiped it off and shaved. I don't need the gel anymore but I'll definitely keep it for my next tattoo ;).