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Rifamycin Sodium; Rifampicin - Zhengzhou Minzhong Pharmaceutical CO, .LTD - The company,established in 1994,is a Sino-HongKong joint venture. We devote ourselves to manufacuring and dealing semisynthetic API antibiotic and its pharmaceutical products that have been registed in Brazil, Russia,India,and so on.

  • http://zhengzhouminzhong.en.ecplaza.net/rifamycin-sodium--261790-1899506.html Rifamycin Sodium - Zhengzhou Minzhong Pharmaceutical CO, .LTD - The molecular weight is 719.76.Rifamycin is red crystalline powder, scentless and bitterish. Rifamycin belongs to antibiotics. It's main dosage form is for injection.
  • http://zhengzhouminzhong.en.ecplaza.net/rifamycin-s--261790-1981849.html Rifamycin S - Zhengzhou Minzhong Pharmaceutical CO, .LTD - ●Rifamycin S The molecular formula is C37 H45NO12, the molecular weight is 695.15. Rifamycin S is yellow or orange yellow crystalline powder and is intermediate medicine mainly.
  • http://zhengzhouminzhong.en.ecplaza.net/rifampicin--261790-1952859.html Rifampicin - Zhengzhou Minzhong Pharmaceutical CO, .LTD - ●Rifampicin The molecular formula is C43H58N4O12, the molecular weight is 822.97. Rifampicin is bright red or dark red crystalline powder, scentless and odorless. Rifampicin is high-powered and broad-spectrum antibiotic, it’s main use is to cure all kinds of bad tuberculosis combined with ...
  • http://zhengzhouminzhong.en.ecplaza.net/donepezil-hydrochloride--261790-2058849.html Donepezil hydrochloride - Zhengzhou Minzhong Pharmaceutical CO, .LTD - As one medical raw material, Donepezil hydrochloride is white crystalline powder. The CAS No. is 120011-70-3; The molecular formula is C24H29NO3HCl; The molecular weight is 415.95;

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  • Jjlucian - Let down

    After reading a lot of online reviews I decided to buy the Sole F63. I didn't want to spend a fortune but wanted good quality. The first problem is the padding on the left handle is too long, so the plastic handle cover does not fit properly. The bigger problem is the pulse reader on the handles does not work properly. I didn't expect perfection, but the readings aren't even in the ballpark (off by 40+ at times) that makes it useless. For a thousand dollars I expect more. It is going back.

  • Bear - Stopped my dog's itching

    My dog has had a serious problem with seborrhea. I had tried two other shampoos given to me by my vet and they were only a slight help. Finally, after research, I found and tried this product. With a combination of Keratolux and antibiotics from the vet, his problem Is finally under control. No more itching and biting himself. This shampoo effectively lifted the scales and eased the itching. It is important to know that this type of problem can be caused by either fungus or bacteria or both. His was caused by bacteria and that's why the antibiotics were needed. Always take your dog to the vet and have the problem diagnosed.

  • Negril Jerry - 1-star product gets 5 star reviews?

    75 1-star reviews, at least half of which begin with "I wish I could give it zero stars!", and then there's the 14 5-star reviews - how to explain that? It's very simple: the 4- and 5-star reviews are SHILLS, paid by the seller to puff up this unbelievably useless product. This is nothing short of FRAUD, and sooner or later some state's attorney general will hit them with a cease and desist order.

  • Suga Shay - Zoom is great!

    The video and sound quality are great! It's as though you're actually face-to-face with the person, or people you're having a video meeting with.

  • Danno-lee - For me, it does what it says it does.

    Being a husband and father of three leaves me little time for exercise and while I try to eat right, our busyness gets in the way. Now I am overweight. As a member of the reserves, I have to weigh-in with the military every 6 months. I never really measured the pounds that I've lost using this but I know that it helps me meet my requirements when I'm unsure of whether I would make it or not.

  • sara - This UPTOWN Retinol cream is great. I only used it at night so that ...

    This UPTOWN Retinol cream is great. I only used it at night so that I can diminish the possibility of getting sun burned if I use it during the day. I still have to use sunscreen to save my face from damage. The retinol helped my face regenerate. My face feels softer and it looks brighter. I think the containers it comes in is cute. It provides me with the right amount of product for my face and neck. And the cream has no smell to it. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.