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Steroid Hormones - Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - We supply steroid and hormone APIs and intermediates in China. Levonorgestrel Ethinyl estradiol Estriol Estradiol Mifepristone Gestodene Lynestrenol Desogestrel Misoprostol Contact: Amy King Tel: 86-10-62250847

  • http://zizhupharm.en.ecplaza.net/levonorgestrel-cas-797-63-7--173324-918541.html Levonorgestrel(CAS#797-63-7) - Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the leading steroid hormone API and intermediates in China.We offer levonorgestrel as the following specifications: Levonorgestrel:micronized or non-micronized powder Levonorgestrel Tablets:0.75mg Levonorgestrel Tablets:1.5mg ...
  • http://zizhupharm.en.ecplaza.net/mifepristone-cas-84371-65-3--173324-918564.html mifepristone(CAS#84371-65-3) - Beijing Zizhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - Beijing Zizhu Pharmacetical is a leading company in reproductive health industry in China. We are a supplier of steroid and hormone APIs and intermediates. The products are as follows: APIs: 1. Levonorgestrel CAS#797-63-7 2. Norgestrel CAS#6533-00-2 3. Ethinyl estradiol CAS#57-63-6 4. Estriol ...

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  • DRDEANCLAN - Head for in your Shower Vacation

    I too bought this else where, I never realized all the stuff I could get shipped to my home from Amazon till recently. I am in LOVE with the OGX. It's made a world of difference with my hair. I will say this, it takes a couple days to get used to it though. The conditioner is thick, creamy and smells like a tropical vacation. Give it a chance and see how soft and shiny it will make your hair.

  • Ted Crosson - Five Stars

    Fits my 2011 Grand Cherokee perfect. Much less noticeable than factory antenna. Good FM and Sirius reception.

  • Kindle Customer - Almost Like Going to the Physical Therapist

    I always dreaded going to the physical therapist except for the TENS treatment. Now I can get almost the same treatment at home. The Omron works great and gives me some good lower back pain relief. Setting up the unit was very easy and placing the pads is well diagramed in the instructions. You can set the strength of the signal - mild is not very strong, but the highest strength is really a shocker. If you have back, arm or leg pain and TENS treatment has helped in the past, I would recommend trying the Omron.


    Excepionaly great blu-ray dvd . picture quality is fantastic ,and the concert itself is fantastic with the three great voices in perfect harmony ., a very good selection of songs. DONT MISS IT.

  • annibell - disapointing

    I used the cream for a month with no results. I have not slept in 9 months and the scale keeps moving up by itself! I was sadly disapointed.

  • Amazon Customer - Burning bridges and Old Chumps.

    Phil & Miami Vice were BOSS back in the day! As far as it goes Phil has alway brought meaning to what he writes and it still applies as much now as it did then, it's my understanding of the songs meaning that has matured into a better understanding.