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  • Gary Guthrie - Hair Maybe...

    What can I say about a product that "might" grow hair depending on the person? For me, I think it's working, but that isn't really what I'm rating. I've tried Rogaine before and it seemed to work, so I decided to try this much cheaper version from Kirkland. It's not like you are going to instantly have a full head of hair, but over months of use, you should notice that bald spot in the back of your head starting to close up - that's what it's really targetted for although why not try it on your whole head if you need it. If you don't grow hair then it's probably not the fault of the product - it doesn't work for everybody. This stuff is exactly like Rogaine from what I can tell, at a much lower price, and seems to be having a similar effect for me. I give it five stars since it's a great way to see if Monoxidil will work for you at a much lower price point to Rogaine. It's a waste to buy a single bottle since you need to do this everyday for at least three months!

  • Amazon Customer - Mud flaps ok. Hardware was junk

    Mud flaps seem to be of good quality. The screws they sent wouldn't work after drilling the recommended 1/8th" holes. They were to soft and stripped the threads off. Had to purchase different screws to finish installation.