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  • Hailey B - Great value for high quality skin care!

    I have been using this product for about two years now and love it. I go back and forth between having broken out and dry skin, and this product is great no matter what mood my skin is in. It leaves my skin feeling dewy and moisturized. All of the products have a pleasant, subtle scent as well. Together, I really feel that these products make my skin better and have fixed a lot of my issues. I do not see as many wrinkles around my eyes and my skin just looks more refreshed and healthy.

  • weekend rider - Well worth having

    A little more sophisticated than the previous version I had. Not surprising, since that one is more than ten years old.

  • Michael L. Preiss - Don't waste your money.

    People I've called have told me my voice sounded "stilted" or like I was talking inside a tin can. When I bought this a few months ago, it had received mostly solid reviews and, at its price point, if it didn't work well I wouldn't feel like it was a huge waste of money. Well, it didn't work well and it was a waste of money. In this case, I got what I paid for.

  • HeroicLegend - Bern Brentwood Helmet

    Comfortable, lightweight, well fitting helmet. I have worn a multitude of helmets over the years for skateboarding and biking(although I purchased it for snowboarding), and this is definitely the lightest. The interchangeable liners are a nice feature.