Constipation laxatifs : Traiter et soigner la constipation par les laxatifs - Quels laxatifs sont utilisés pour traiter la constipation? Quels sont leurs effets indésirables ? Peut-on utiliser des laxatifs à long terme pour soigner la constipation ?

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  • Sarrita - Lovely shimmer!

    It does pout your lips.. The shade is soft and shimmery,not overpowering at all. Looks great in pictures! I have somewhat pale skin and my friend is fairly dark and we both found it amazing on us! Only drawback is you need frequent re-application and no longterm effect.However, for the price, it is still a great buy!

  • Anthony Elliott - One of the greatest products that I have in my garage...

    I have had this product now for a few years and it works great. It is usually on a battery everyday desulferating it as I have at least 10 batteries in the yard between vehicles and boats and solar devices. Usually if you get 5 years out of a battery you are doing okay and that is kind of the average because most people don't maintain batteries and they don't service them until there is a problem and their vehicle doesn't start for example. I routinely check water levels on the batteries and then stick the batteries on this device for 3 or days straight which cleans them up and brings them back to almost new and now I hope to double the life of every battery that I have which would be 10 years use. This is simple to use and once you hook it up to a battery you can just leave it and you don't have to worry. I will buy another one of these but this one is still going strong and is great!!

  • Tracilee A Tracy - the front mats are great, but the back one are terrible the boards ...

    I bought a weather mats for my Honda Accord, the front mats are great, but the back one are terrible the boards of

  • Robert Burch - Stubby

    Just what I need to get into the garage without breaking the antenna. Easy to put on and works great.

  • atomicdp - the best next gen console by far!

    with its sleek new look, super fast and responsive controls, and not to mention the best graphics card on any console, the ps4 is my system of choice. load time are fast and smooth (including downloading time). The online multiplayer is a HUGE improvement from the ps3 and the graphics are crisp and amazing. So far out of all the games I played for the ps4, Battlefield 4 is the only one that really looks like a next gen title. despite all the bad media the game is getting, I have had very few problems with it. as of the latest patches I haven't had any problems with it, def worth it a play through though. As for the PS4, I can't wait to see what this powerful mat chine is going to be capable of.

  • Tweety - Perfect time of the year is at Christmas and I ...

    Elegant. Perfect time of the year is at Christmas and I give these presents to my family. They all love it.