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  • Jeff - Not what I expected

    I am very disappointed with this product. The touchscreen and buttons on the bottom of the unit are so bulky that a 7" tablet can not be mounted flush. While this is not the standard double-din aftermarket radio use, the metra kit 99-3010S does allow for a tablet to be used. My expectations for this Scosche dash kit may have been too high, but they put in touchscreen controls for seat and air options so to me it is targeted at those who want a more high tech setup. It failed my expectations and I have go with the other dash kit. For a simple setup, the construction of the dash kit feels pretty solid and the mounting brackets are easy to put on. The price was good also.

  • Jorge G - It truly is a Anabolic Halo! ONLY GAINS

    Man Amazon had such a deal, I had to buy three of these. Muscletech is the best supplement company and I'll stand by that all the time. Never had anything negative only GAINS! I work out extremely hard take this after my work out and the next morning feel amazing and want some more!!!

  • Drenn Workman - Excellent

    Excellent product, easy to use. Within a week I was able to create a 3 fold flyer for our group with ease. It does need a few more features, however.

  • Benny Profane - Easy, works great

    Won't overdo it with details here because all you need to know is that this product does exactly what it claims to do. I bought it as an "extender" because our router, located in my home office, is about 25 yards from our main TV and our streaming of Netflix, etc., has been inconsistent and slow. I plugged it in. Followed easy instructions. And now our Netflix is rolling at HD speed. If you're looking for an extender at a reasonable price, buy this product.

  • Marisol Yarkov - Love this Coffee!

    Ever since I tried this coffee during a Seattle trip, I fell in love with it. My only disappointment was that the price from this seller turned out to be twice the amount than the one at Starbucks. Even the sticker on the coffee said it retailed for $14.95. At the time when I bought it of course, I did not see it in the stores yet. Though, the product itself is delicious! Next time, I will just wait to see it in the stores.