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  • H. Glen Kilgore - Another heroic fantasy book.

    This was a fairly enjoyable book for most of its length, though nothing really exceptional or particularly creative. The ending was exciting though I felt that there wasn't enough buildup to it. In the end, the protagonist and the mysterious paladin defeat a servant of the evil god Castor. Unfortunately, there is no mention of Castor before this. Having read Tolkien, Terry Brooks and David Eddings and many others, I know that an evil god or wizard is pretty much de rigeur for books of this genre, so I was able to accept that there must be one, but I don't think an author should rely on his readers knowing this. Had Castor been mentioned closer to the beginning, with everyone shuddering at his name, it would have been better.

  • Kindle Customer - I have them all!!!

    Love reading short stories . I have been buying these books for years and always enjoy them. I have quite a set from the 1960s to now!!

  • musiclover - A Masterpiece

    This is Pink Floyd at there best this album has surpassed perfection The Wall is truely the best ever and will remain a masterpiece forever. I would have to say this is required buy for anyone who is a music fan.

  • bobby - Best toaster oven I've ever had.

    Great toaster oven. This is the best I've had. Works great. For those negative reviewers, Obviously you've never had a toaster oven. It's going to be hot on the outside (duh, it's an oven, to one of the reviews). Don't let the dumb reviewers ratings make your decision about this item. Read a few of them and you'll see what I mean. This is a great little oven.

  • 1 Fire, Main. - Love this!!!

    I'm not a very good artist but I love playing with this thing. Very simple and easy user interface. doesn't need to be a genius to use their software

  • KharidiNj - Adequately challenging.

    Nice workbook for advanced kindergartners or first grade student. Introduces deceptive writing. Would have preferred the paper to be of a little better quality.