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ADT Pulse: Home Automation for Security Systems - Discover ADT Pulse Home Automation Systems; the remote security system can arm/disarm your house, control the lights, thermostat, and view live video surveillance from almost anywhere.

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  • Peter - Stopped working in under 30 days.

    A friend of mine purchased this computer and I was in need of a new one and he said it was great. I ordered it right away from Amazon. It arrived, I set it up and it worked fantastic. A few days later my friend tells me his stopped working. Not a good sign. Well mine worked perfectly for about 4 weeks and yesterday glitched out and no longer works. I called ASUS technical support and they were very very very sub-par. No help at all. My choices ship it back to them at my expense and they would repair it and return it to me. Thank goodness Amazon is so great and have a good return policy, because ASUS does not. I will continue my voracious shopping on Amazon but have purchased my last ASUS product.

  • Wood - great filter

    These are great filters, the hex nut makes them easy to remove unlike having to fumble with filter wrenches for traditional filters.

  • sparky_magic_rainbow - velvety texture. fun to use. chock full of chemicals

    This is hands down the most luxurious feeling serum or cream I've ever tried. It glides on smoothly and gave my skin a nice dewy look. One jar didnt last long because I kept applying and reapplying for the fun of it. However I dropped MMPI from my skincare routine a few yrs ago after becoming more health conscious. If Wexler made a "green" version I'd buy in a heartbeat. Humongous jar lid = total waste of plastic

  • Danyel - Good For What You Need

    Definitely one of the cheaper Internet security sets, and definitely worth it. You can upload it to a few different computers which was nice for both my husband and I. And it is good for a couple yeras which was great deal. It is easy to use, and has a small icon that sits on your desktop to remind you of updates and whatnot.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the flow

    Love the flow, problems I am having the filter what it came with I had to run for a very long time days...and the charcoal was still coming from it to date the water still taste awful... will be returning...

  • Mrs. JFK - Save your $$

    Very disappointed with the smell and taste of this product. Package instructions should be changed to read put 1/2 of this product w/ 1 pound of ground beef. Otherwise, it's too soupy and overwhelming. It has a real off putting sweet aftertaste, and overpowering taste of chipolte. I think its chipolte as I couldn't finish one taco.

  • Marsha K. Stein - Watching my old girl play like a kitten is a miracle!

    I am so happy to find this product. I have had to pay high vet bills while watching my old girl waste away. She has only had two doses and her appetite has started to pick up and she isn't laying around all the time. I almost cried (okay so I did) this morning when I noticed her playing like a kitten. I didn't know it would work this fast, but I am really grateful that it does. Thank you so much! You did everything and more that you promised. You now have a lifetime customer and I can't wait to tell my friends when they come back next week! Thank you, thank you thank you!