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Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN - Website - Features information about Dr. Janet Starr Hull, alternative health products and services, monthly health newsletter and more.

  • http://www.janethull.com/products-services.php#hairanalysis Dr. Hull's Alternative Health Products & Services - Dr. Hull has a variety of products and services including hair analysis testing, pH balance, detoxification
  • http://www.janethull.com/about/index.php About Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN - Features info about Janet Starr Hull PhD and her diverse nutritional background.
  • http://www.janethull.com/books/index.php Dr. Hull's Books - Dr. Hull's "Ten Proven Steps" to cleanse the body of radiation, heavy metals, and toxic food chemicals.
  • http://www.janethull.com/ph-balance-testing/index.php pH Balance Testing - Dr. Janet Starr Hull's pH Balance Test Kit includes: pH balance scale, a list of alkaline and acidic foods, pH test strips, and information booklet.
  • http://www.janethull.com/hair-analysis/index.php Hair Analysis Testing with Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN - An alternative solution to identifying disease symptoms. A three inch strand of hair has long term memory of your body's health status.
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/index.php Alternative Health Newsletter - Dr. Janet Starr Hull - Dr. Hull's monthly health newsletter including important health topics, a 'Did You Know' section with interesting one-liners, and includes a list of government recalls and Safety Alerts.
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0712/introduction.php Introduction - July's Healthy Newsletter is all about awareness and change.....you can't improve your health, your living standards, your stress level, your finances, or anything that you don't like without understanding why...
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0712/healthy_feedback.php Healthy Feedback - Dr. Hull, I was listening to my favorite on-air naturopath, Mary Schrick, who was giving some fantastic info about buying fresh fruits/vegetables. She said: You know the little stickers on...
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0712/mercury_from_volcanoes.php Mercury From Volcanoes - Everyone is aware of how toxic mercury is to the human body, and over the past decade or two, we have become aware that mercury used in dental procedures is...
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0712/stevia_update.php Stevia Update! - Dr. Hull - Just a heads up. Your paragraph on Stevia on your website seems to be out of date. Stevia is now GRAS and is in food and drinks...
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0712/qa_with_dr_hull.php Q & A with Dr. Hull - 10-Year Old Aspartame Victim Q: My son was diagnosed with epilepsy and I think it is really from the aspartame because he is a Type 1 diabetic, and is addicted...
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0712/did_you_know_about_volcanoes.php Did You Know - About Volcanoes? - Many of the Earth's volcanoes have been continuously erupting for years. The biggest volcano on Earth is one of the five volcanoes in Hawaii - Mauna Loa. It towers...
  • http://www.janethull.com/newsletter/0712/you_say_tomato.php You Say Tomato....... - Researchers Isolate The Reason Market Tomatoes Don't Taste As Good As Homegrown - this is self explanatory once you read this article. Why do we do these things to ourselves????...

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  • Raul's Reviews - Looks great

    I haven't installed it yet cause it's been snowing in NJ, but everything looks straight forward, comes with clips, and weather seal for hood. Looks angry, came to my office and I got plenty of comments and it wasn't even installed, kinda exciting. Will update with my installation experience.

  • Nick K - beautiful, and meaningful piece of art I've seen in ...

    I really don't care if anyone doesn't think this is mainstream enough or pop enough, this is the most genuine, beautiful, and meaningful piece of art I've seen in A WHILE.

  • Tabatha Hansen - Simple sewing on a sturdy machine!

    About ten years ago, I bought a Brother sewing machine for around $75. It ran great, it got thrown in several garages, went on many a trip and continued to sew wonderfully, considering the variety of machines I sewed on in different locations. When I started sewing leather, that's when problems started happening. Skipped stitches on even a single layer of leather (and thick fleece), regardless of adjustments and needle changes, continued to happen, which is no good when you're selling your products! I retired the machine this year to pass it on to my younger sister and got this awesome piece of metal.

  • unplayedvideogames - Rip-off from a shady company

    I got the NeatDesk for PC in February of 2012, buying in to the commercial's hype. This is the single purchase that has made me commit to never again buying something without first checking reviews. As you can see from others, I am not alone in having endless problems with this thing, and I suspect most, if not all of the glowing reviews are fake, generated by the company itself.

  • Flacoffeelover - Not as good as Clear

    I was using the clear EXTRA strips and had no complaint at all. I don't know what the difference is, but these flesh colored ones are awful. First, they glue to nose, that I honestly fear I am going to lose a lot of skin when i peel them off. Second, for some reason, they just don't seem to work as well as the clear. But they cost the same? Wont buy again.