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Ambulatory Infusion Pumps Pump Systems Administration Sets - Small, lightweight ambulatory infusion pump systems for Pain Management PCA PCEA, Parenteral Nutrition, Parkinson’s, Immunotherapy, Thalassemia and other infusion therapies

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  • anonymous mom - Norwex cloths beat all for wiping down my kitchen - ...

    Norwex cloths beat all for wiping down my kitchen - greasy stove, built-up gunk on the microwave, crumby counter, grime on cabinets...Just plain water and the cloth does the trick.

  • Roberta Oswald - Excellent read

    This book was recommended by my Internist as a must read. He was so right as this book was all about my problems and answered all my questions. The research was a plus as I always check my facts. I in the future I too will recommend this book.

  • Eric C. Gutierrez - So I was pleased to find it about 25% less here

    I have purchased this product previously at a higher price inside a cosmetic shop within dermatology practice in a medical center. So I was pleased to find it about 25% less here. It is a good product, but it stings my eyes a bit as it creeps in by the end of the day, so I try to apply it a little farther from the eye.

  • R. Bourland - highly recommend

    I've tried several of these programs and for the price range of this product nothing else compared. I would highly recommend this to anyone designing their home!

  • LSG_Da_Bears - Great Entry Level into VR

    Weight and Fit: I will have to agree with others when they say the headset is real light feeling and you forget it is there. So much so when I went to scratch my nose, I forgot it was on.

  • Filter - You make your bed...

    So...this little book thread has really made the rounds hasn't it? There are some who argue that the posts are a bit too harsh and unmerited while others think that this kid is getting what he deserves (I mean come on kid...the first rule that my dad, a fighter pilot, told me when I started flight school was to keep your mouth shut and stay below the radar...which, I couldn't follow because like to run my mouth and so it didn't work out for me...it's cool I love what I do now and running my mouth is perfect for this job). And in the immortal words of Tom Wolfe, those who have IT, don't talk about IT (and by IT...well if you don't know, look it up) So yeah, that is one of the unspoken rules of this game, and if you break them, what do you expect...you don't get invited to be part of the club.

  • Kathleen Griffin - I love this show!

    Awesome episode! I just wish they would have shown more incidents that occurred with the inmates and the haunting. I think this was my favorite episode so far this season! Being an experienced Detention Officer at a jail I know personally how weird things can occur....