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  • Anne - I enjoyed the grown up Roe

    Interesting addition to the series. The story and who was responsible is predictable and the story is rather short. However, as usual, Harris doesn't shy away from unpleasantness. I think I'm still reeling years later from the stunner in one of the earlier books in this series. She's used the same surprise in a couple of her other series (actually I think it happens in all of her series which started after this one). In this book she tackles the very timely topic of bullying, both overt and subtle. Here, Roe not only deals with the disappearance of some kids, but also family and friendship issues. If there is another book after Liars, I hope Harris continues to explore these issues that she brings up.

  • Brittany - What happened to the old game??

    I should have read the reviews more closely before purchasing this game. I can't believe that they changed a classic game like Sorry! You don't even have to wait for a 1 or 2 to get out of home. I was very disappointed!

  • Josh Hoffert - Paired with the Biotene PFB toothpaste this is a must have for CPAP users

    after I started sleeping with CPAP I started to expierence the most horribly, indescribable, dry and bitter mouth during the night and in the morning. It was so bad, I would wake up and not be able to get back to sleep.

  • R. Culp - It works.

    I bought a used JK Jeep that had the infamous death wobble. ( Cheap. 39,000 miles. Because of the death wobble. ) I had taken it to 2 shops for them to look at. Neither place found anything wrong. I upgraded the bolts in the track bar to 9/16 and added this stabilizer. ( The track bar bolts didn't really need done, but I figured since i was underneath the Jeep... ) I'm not real crazy about the lousy copy of the instructions that is included with the kit. It looked like a copy of a copy of a copy of a........ To make a long story short. I can feel more tension in the steering, which I like. The best part is that there is NO MORE death wobble !!!!! I could have probably gotten away with just upgrading the original stabilizer, but I figured two stablizers are better than one. If you've got death wobble, I highly recommend this dual stablizer.

  • Kaniki - Nice cover, fits very good.. but needs lossened up a bit before it will hold to stand it up.

    This cover fits my kindle very nicely. Everything lines up, and fits perfectly too. The case is, what looks to be made of a synthetic leather, type of material, on the outside of the case. The inside is lined with more of a soft felt material, so it will not scratch your screen. The plastic parts, snap onto the kindle very nicely too.