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Thrombosis and Hemostasis Societies of North America (THSNA) - THSNA the Societies is a federation of 10 of the leading non-profit organizations in hemostasis and thrombosis in the U.S. and Canada. With the continuity between Summits provided by the new federation, we now have the opportunity to realize our vision of the Summit becoming the premier forum for hemostasis and thrombosis in North America.

  • http://www.thsna.org/../2016/ THSNA 2016 | Thrombosis & Hemostasis Societies of North America - The Thrombosis and Hemostasis Societies of North America (THSNA) will hold its 3rd comprehensive scientific meeting dedicated to thrombosis and hemostasis issues in Chicago, IL from April 14-16, 2016.

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  • M. D. Wallace - Don't bother with any other adhesive remover

    Tried some of the other adhesive removers (like Goo Gone, etc.) with little success. Got some of this, and Holy $%@# is this stuff MAGIC or what? I have removed several emblems from my truck, all of which use double sided tape, and this stuff makes removal of the left overs easy. Highly recommended!

  • Anna - This is a good glue but wonder why they made the nozzle so ...

    This is a good glue but wonder why they made the nozzle so small. I always remember to close the cap tightly and wipe the nozzle dry before closing but the glue manages to dry off near the nozzle and I really have to pierce though with a needle the next time I want to use it. And there is so little that comes out each time, bad design I think. Other than that it is a good glue. Make sure the surfaces in contact are a bit moist. I stuck wood to wood ,leather to wood with great results. Will buy the product again.

  • Mom2TAG - THE BEST!!!

    I needed to fix my floors after using a similar product that made them look dull and fast since I had company coming. I saw an advertisement on TV about Quick Shine went right to Walgreens and purchased it. The best product I've used on my floors by far. It brought back the luster my floors had before the other product and then some. I definitely used a whole lot of "elbow grease", but well worth the time and effort. It dried withing a half hour and our 2 year old walked all over it and not one smudge mark. Cannot say enough about this product. I am a buyer for life!!!

  • Randall Dennis - Not quite QB Pro, but...

    The Mac version isn't as fully featured as the Windows QB Pro - but the glass is 97% full. For the average small and medium sized business, Mac 2014 is MORE than adequate and downright solid.

  • thia - buy Swiffer but not their wet or dry pads; use microfiber pads

    I move to a 1000 sq ft apatment with almost all white tiles and it was so difficult to clean. I needed something and thought the Swiffer would help. Their wet pads just pushed dirt all over, left dirt lines and didn't even clean around the grout lines even though I went through the area first with the dry pads for dirt. I would go through ~10 wet pads to "clean" my floors plus I would then have to go over the entire floor with my mircofiber towels. That did the job so I thought if I can replace their pads with a microfiber pads, it might work so I went on Amazon and found a microfiber cleaning pad, Tersano cleaning cloths and they fit the Swiffer head snuggly, not the XL. It works!!! I don't have to continuously buy the chemical or dry pads to fill our landfills. The Tersano cloth pads are washable and because it thicker and absorbent, it cleans much better and doesn't deposit dirt in the floor grouts. The investment in the Tersano pads was ~$6.00 and the original Swiffer starter kit was ~$11; not bad considering a typical sponge mop is ~$18 and are horrible on tile. Buy the Swiffer but don't waste money or time with their wet or dry pads.

  • Joshua Abrams - Great Headset

    This is a great headset. I have owned it for a while and I really like the ease of connectivity and the microphone is sensitive enough where I feel like I don't have to yell. Sometimes when I am talking to people they do ask what I am doing because they pick up some background noise. One of the best headsets I have owned and I owned many different types of Jawbone. I could never get any of the Jawbones to fit as comfortable as this.

  • paintednightsky - Don't waste your money

    Biggest joke of a product ever. You are just rubbing the product into balls on your skin. It is not dead skin! I looked at the ingredients and it is the carbomer (an acrylic-also used in hair gels) balling up. If it was actually your skin, your face would be feeling it. Don't waste your money. It is amazing the amount of people believing that those little polymer balls is their skin rubbing off -_- My face felt the same as before. Look at the ingredients and don't be fooled. There are no active ingredients in this product that would be peeling your skin. This is literally water, dead sea salt, and some granules of nut shell powder along with various chemicals/synthetics. There are much more effective face masks out there than this "peel" which shouldn't even be called a peel.